University Of Minnesota - Unscrupulous business practices.

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I was awarded, by the State Vet's of MN, about $400.00 to purchase new frames with flip dark glasses.

The glasses were nothing special, certainly, even with the exam, not worth $400.00, but I needed them as I'm a student at U of MN and to see...

Purchased the glasses at your only semi-metro store in a very dangerous area of MPLS, was somewhat satisfied with the bifocal feature and clips, but were heavy and I sometimes nap due to meds with glasses on. Flex frames for those easy bucks would've been fair. I was not given what I was promised.

Nevertheless, accepted glasses and on the last day of the warranty, the frame breaks. I go to Pearle on Murder, I mean Lake and was told by Asst.Mgr. Nu that for "about $250.00 more, and another $400.00 from the State, I could have glasses-needed cash on spot. This is a travesty and probably a crime, but I leave it to you to make it right. You seem to be an honest man, I don't mind paying, as I'm a disabled Vet and barely get by, but I despise being taken advantage of. RSVP

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